The outbreak of Algerian protests on 22 February 2019 against the current ruler, the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Algerian People’s National Armed Forces, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, and his candidacy to a fifth term, and against the entire regime, was followed by the first rally of university students four days later. According to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, forty-five thousand students took part in this rally. The rally hold the same appellation given to the first national one, and to all the following ones #Silmiya or Pacific.

This first rally was followed by a whole week of protests sweeping across all universities of the country when more students and teachers were joining every single day.

In order to weaken the ten-day protests led by the universities’ community, the authorities ordered an early start to university Spring break. The imposed Spring break takes place two weeks earlier and two weeks longer than what was first scheduled, and was refused by a significant number of Algerian students and teachers, who continue to work, study and protest outside and around the campus till March, 21st, 2019, the originally planned date.








Photos: University 8 May 1945-Guelma (Algeria)