​GLOSACI is a network of artists, creative enterprises, cultural activists, arts NGOs and others engage in civil society cultural spaces across the Global South, that actively seeks to promote and defend the interest of its members at national, regional and global levels.


1. To identify global and regional issues related to global arts and culture policies e.g. the 2005 UNESCO Convention, the relationship between culture and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), cultural diplomacy, etc and to interrogate and engage with these from Global South perspectives.

2. To provide a voice for the Global South arts and culture sector in relevant international forums, and within the Global South itself, to give voice to marginalized communities and themes

3. To play an advocacy role on behalf of the Global South’s arts and culture sector in the pursuit of economic, political, environmental and cultural justice at local, national, regional and global levels.

4. To share knowledge and information from within and between cultural players in the Global South, including knowledge and information about sustainability strategies, innovative policy ideas, general developments in the arts and culture space, etc.

5. Constantly to rethink the role of arts and culture in making the world a better place, and in the pursuit of social justice and human, social and economic development.

6. To facilitate south-south dialogue, cultural cooperation, artistic collaboration and engagement at all levels in the arts and culture space

7. To build a global south arts and culture community based on trust and with resources gleaned primarily from global south sources.

8. To assert and provide a platform for a global south agenda in the arts and culture space rather than a donor-driven or a global north-defined agenda.

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