1. We believe that all human beings are born equal in rights, irrespective of their colour, gender, culture or place of birth.

2. We recognize that we live in a structurally unequal world where the mal-distribution of economic resources, political power, military muscle and allows a global minority to enjoy their full rights and human potential, while the majority of the world’s inhabitants are engaged in ongoing struggles to realise theirs.

3. We believe that a global minority is able to assert their values, ideas, beliefs and world views through far-reaching media and creative products, thus allowing it to enjoy substantial cultural hegemony, and thus to promote and defend their interests and values through means of “soft power”.

4. This Initiative seeks to help give expression to the interests of the global majority in and through the creative and cultural sectors, using means that include artistic expression, the interrogation of dominant policies and worldviews and the assertion and promotion of counter-hegemonic ideas and values where these generally represent the global majority.

5. We acknowledge the range of experiences and the inequities that prevail within the Global South itself and will seek to ensure that the participation and respect we pursue at a global level, is reflected in our internal leadership, decision-making and participatory processes to ensure equity and non-dominance by countries with superior resources.

6. While we strongly assert the unjust and inequitable nature of our globe, we do not promote nor support a simplistic majority-versus-minority approach to resolving the inequities and creating a more just world. We believe that we need to address global, regional and even national challenges together with allies in the Global North who share our commitment to an equitable, environmentally sustainable and culturally diverse world.

7. Nevertheless, we assert that this Initiative will promote and defend the interests of the Global South, and accordingly, will be led and be given direction by, and have its activities located largely within the Global South.

8. Finally, this Initiative, while welcoming the support of governments and attendance and participation in its activities by sympathetic government and parastatal agencies such as arts councils, is first and foremost a civil society Initiative, and as such, will represent and be led by civil society actors and interests.

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