Become part of our network now and join us in the fight for an equal voices in the global south. Kindly please read the information below and fill this form. 

Kinds of membership

Full membership is open to any individual and organisation from the Global South as defined above, who are actively engaged in the arts, culture and heritage in any capacity, and whether in a non-profit or for-profit manner.

Associate membership is open to individuals and organisations actively engaged in the arts and culture sector within the Global South, but who themselves are not from the Global South as defined above. Associate members may participate in and attend GLOSACI events but may not stand for election or vote in matters requiring decision-making.

Membership Benefits

  1. Members may participate fully in policy-making working groups, subcommittees
  2. Members may stand for elections and vote on matters requiring decisions.
  3. Members receive a monthly newsletter and may advertise their events and post news about their activities in the newsletter
  4. Members will have preferential treatment with regard to GLOSACI professional development workshops, events and conferences, etc as well as discounts to these where fees apply
  5. Members may use the GLOSACI logo and state that they are members of GLOSACI on their letterheads and branding, without this necessarily being an endorsement by GLOSACI
  6. Members may represent GLOSACI at local, national, regional and international events depending on their expertise
  7. Members will be given priority when GLOSACI receives invitations to recommend participation in festivals, exchanges, workshops, etc
  8. Members will be given priority for remunerated work within GLOSACI
  9. Members may recommend activities for GLOSACI to be engaged in
  10. Members will be invited to exclusive networking events both within the organisation and between the organisation and various potential partners
  11. Members may advertise their services, their activities and organisations on/through GLOSACI’s website
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