What is GLOSACI doing practically?

GLOSACI has an Interim Steering Committee that is undertaking various projects to give limited expression to the aims of the Initiative, as means to recruit membership in order formally to launch GLOSACI as a democratic, membership-based network by the end of 2019.

The primary areas of activity at this stage are:

1. Distributing information relevant to Global South arts and culture practice

2. Supporting creative practitioners who face persecution in their respective regions

3. Advocating for greater mobility of Global South creative workers

4. Developing a proactive cultural policy position paper that articulates the vision, interests and perspectives of the Global South

5. In addition to these, the Interim Steering Committee is developing an organisational framework to build and sustain the Initiative.

Who may be members of the GLOSACI?

Any individual engaged in the arts and culture sector, cultural NGOs, for-profit creative enterprises, cultural educational institutions, etc from the countries or communities listed under the definition of “Global South”, and is part of civil society rather than government, may be a full member of GLOSACI.

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